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Located in the beautiful New England town of Keene, New Hampshire, Business Systems, Inc. started out by offering custom programming and processing for a variety of local businesses. Clients soon ranged from the business, scientific and technical communities with a variety of applications specific to their industries. The ability to outsource processing without shouldering the additional expense of a computer system and its maintenance proved to be a huge savings.

Today, with the advent of low cost PC’s used in conjunction with our mid-range system we still provide a secure, efficient and speedy method of processing payrolls throughout New England and the East Coast. Our clients feel our turn around time is nothing short of amazing and we welcome their special requests. By writing our own software we have created a lean, efficient system that has no excess. We add or remove code as we see fit to allow greater control and flexibility over our system. Payroll has changed a lot over the years and we have continually adapted with it.


Company Profile
Company Profile

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