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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use our own custom written software?   (top)

We feel strongly about security. It becomes difficult for someone to hack into a system that is truly unique and not used by thousands of people. We also enjoy the creative process of making things work the way we want them to. Efficiency of a well written program and a report layout that is easy to read and understand are important to us.

Can you make my 941 tax payments for me? I have a hard time remembering when these are due!   (top)

We sure can! We also handle business taxes of other types as well - 1120, 940, 720, 1042 etc. We even send clients a tickler to remind them of possible upcoming payments.

How do you determine the charge for your services?   (top)

Generally, we charge a flat run fee for payrolls with 1-6 transactions. The more complicated your payroll the greater the fee. For example, multiple state reporting for unemployment would incur a greater fee than a single state. For payrolls with more than 6 transactions we have a sliding scale of payment. Our prices are inclusive of quarterly and annual tax work, delivery fees and on demand reports.

We have an employee with a wage garnishment. Can you handle this?   (top)

Wage garnishments, tax levies and child support payments are no problem! You send us the criteria for the calculations and we make it happen.

Do we have to submit the payroll info each week at the same time?   (top)

We keep an eye on when the expected daily work comes in. We will contact you if we don't hear from you by your usual time. That being said, we are very happy to run your payrolls when you want them and can process multiple runs on the same day or accommodate a vacation schedule. You have many options to send us your info (fax, email, call) and we have been delighted to hear from clients around the globe who like to take their work with them.

Speaking of vacation, can you mail my employee's their checks when I'm gone to Tahiti?   (top)

Absolutely. Contact us to set up the arrangements and we will make it happen. We can hold your registers until you get back or mail them to a different location. Just ask us!


Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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